Well, today I had a discussion with a friend of mine about addictions. He brought up that I am just as addicted to gaming as he is to cigarettes, which in the end he kind of had a few good points (that I will never admit to him). While I believe we get very attached to games I don't believe it becomes an addiction that our body's crave for, he believes that our brains crave for it, and when we aren't gaming we are bored and anxious to play. In some ways this is true, I've taken breaks from some of the MMO's I play cause I got bored of them, but what I end up doing is replacing them with other video games that will relieve me for a while, and probably go back to some old games.

He says that's what drug addicts do, and in his brain he believes that we are just as bad as the next crack fiend, jumping around from drug to drug, cant stay away one day without relapsing. I explained its far from the truth, see I've been away from games for months on end, I enjoy gaming, its pretty much just a hobby to me. When i tried explaining that to him he said that that's what drug addicts say, they enjoy doing it so that's why they do it, kind of true, but my response was that gaming doesn't effect us like drugs. And yes, once again he had an answer, saying that it does... because we take away time from real life, our social lives start to dry out, we start to change our personality's and become a bit less social. While I disagree with most of anything my friend ever has to say (because hes simply a moron that enjoys arguing), I have to admit that my social life isn't as good as it was before I got into online gaming. I don't go out as much, don't enjoy joking around with my friends anymore without getting annoyed, and i definitely don't enjoy arguing about my gaming addiction!

Now that I think about it, its not that I'm becoming anti-social, maybe its the fact that I'm not a teenager anymore, and maybe after growing up those things we used to see as fun become lame and annoying. Arguing that with him would be pointless, if you want a perfect example of what my friend is like, just think Stiffler from American Pie.

Anyways in the end, my friend remains an anus, and I shall remain drugging my self with my video games.

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